FAQs for small business and homeowners

Where do I get an advanced meter?

You should contact your energy retailer as most are in the process of swapping out existing meters for advanced meters, and they will be able to advise you further.

Will I still need a meter reader?

No, an advanced meter will keep track of your energy usage and send the data directly to your energy retailer.

How do Vector AMS Advanced Meters work?

Vector AMS have two different way of transmitting data from their meters. 

  1. The majority of our advanced meters use the Vodafone GRPS (2G cellular ) network. In addition, the meters ‘wake-up' once a day and transmit data via a very short SMS message (0.6 seconds).
  2. The Silver Spring Networks use RF Mesh as the communication method with the advanced meters. The security of this communications and transport mechanism is described by Silver Springs as "defence in depth". All security protocols are in place at every point from the meter through to the back office systems. These defence mechanisms include authentication of devices accessing the system, encryption of data from endpoint to back office and ongoing integrity checks. For more information visit www.silverspringnet.com/solutions/security-technology

What data is collected by these meters?

Your energy consumption (meter read) and if requested, data about the quality of your power.

What about my data privacy?

Vector AMS meters communicate using Vodafone's already secure GPRS network. In addition, all meters are secure and comply with the cyber security requirements set by the Electricity Governance Rules.