Retailers and generators

Advanced meters are seen as the future for metering solutions and will add value by enabling customers to manage their energy more efficiently. Our metering and information systems offer best of breed technology, designed with the future needs of households and the energy industry in mind.

Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) is constantly looking at providing better services and solutions and provides ongoing investment in infrastructure and service development. In addition to advanced meters, Vector AMS also provides gas meters for energy retailers, enabling customers to assess and monitor their gas energy usage.

Vector AMS meters incorporate the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technology. We also ensure that the hardware and firmware platforms are flexible enough to allow customisation and meet future customers' requirements.

Our services offer the ability to:

  • Have itemised data for improving consumer services and utility business management
  • Reduce operational costs by removing need for meter readers at customer sites and improve safety record
  • Improve customer satisfaction with actual meter reads
  • Improve data availability for customer feedback and supply (on the bill, online, and mobile phone or Smartphone app).
  • Reduce calls to call centre with:
    • Accurate and on-time monthly billing
    • Eliminated estimated reads
    • Detailed information daily, resulting in ‘one-call' enquiries, therefore reduce outbound call-backs
    • Greater availability of information, meaning that call queries can be answered immediately.