What we do

Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) is uniquely placed to service the Australasian energy markets. We are a subsidiary of Vector Limited and have offices in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. Our energy measurement infrastructure is a mixture of advanced electricity meters, gas meters, advanced gas meters and legacy electricity meters for residential and industrial and commercial applications.

We provide deployment and field services to energy retailers and consumers nationwide. Our installed base of meters collect, store and deliver data to retailers, generators and electricity network companies. We also provide a fully outsourced service for data management and field service management for electricity and gas retailers.

At Vector AMS we utilise our vast experience and reliable leading edge technologies to work with our customers to provide customised solutions. Our Stream Information division specialises in providing commercial and industrial customers with direct access to their energy information through the use of metering technologies and cloud based energy management applications.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Information delivery in standard or customised formats
  • Bespoke service delivery (supports in-home communication to smartphones and other devices)

Meter Data Services

  • Energy data for retail and network billing
  • Interval Data management and provision for market reconciliation
  • Energy supply event reporting services
  • Renewables Energy measurement and control for distributed generation – support of solar, microwind, mini-hydro and other generation initiatives
  • Generation metering from small-scale residential to grid connected generators
  • Bespoke reporting and enquiries to support consumers, energy retailers and energy distributors

Connection Control

  • Remote reconnections and disconnections service
  • Tariff Changes

Field Services

  • Installation and meter change management
  • Communications & metering maintenance
  • Site visits to support remote services

Network Services

  • Voltage and frequency monitoring and alarm
  • Waveform measurement
  • Total harmonic distortion
  • Sag/Swell detection
  • Full suite of power quality monitoring

Deployment Planning Services

  • Capacity planning
  • Logistics
  • Workflow management
  • Exception management

Prepay Services

  • Daily read schedules
  • Automated reconnection and disconnection
  • Ad hoc data interrogation
  • Automated provisioning