What we do

Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) is uniquely placed to service the Australasian energy markets. Through our advanced metering solutions we create significant value by either reducing existing operating costs through process efficiency or by new service provision.

At Vector AMS we utilize existing capability and work with our customers to provide innovative service solutions such as:

Meter reading

  • Full validation, estimation and editing (VEE) services for retailers for interval data

Metering design advice and services

  • For retailers
  • Bespoke metering installation design

Connection control

  • Metering installation

Data services

  • Administration and reconciliation services
  • MEP service to support customer Part 10 obligations
  • Customised energy reporting
  • Compliance and management services for third party assets (such as CTs and VTs)
  • Compliance monitoring services for customers such as manage certification and testing of meters and associated assets

Field services

  • Metering supply and coordination

Embedded and customer network services

  • Design and manage methods of meter reading with third parties
  • Organise design and operation of metering for specific customer requirements
  • Organising reconciliation of metering data

Check metering

  • Provision of sub-metering services to support customer verification requirements