Gas metering

Vector Advanced Metering Services (Vector AMS) provides a wide range of expert services in gas metering and measurement. The services range from the provision of residential meters to the design, supply and installation of industrial metering solutions.

We have considerable experience of metering, including the design, safety planning and risk assessment through to the lifetime care and maintenance of metering systems.
Designs for new or upgrades to an existing metering system, are carried out to ensure that all safety, regulatory and customer outcomes are met.
We provide, install and maintain meters, and currently have around 210,000 meters installed throughout NZ, to help customers assess and manage their energy usage more efficiently.  We also design, install and maintain gas measurement systems and assist energy retailers with compliance responsibilities.  

Benefits of our gas meters

  • We can develop bespoke solutions
  • We provide and install hardware
  • Strong technical experience and ability
  • Management, including installation and maintenance